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Learn the alphabet with Zou


In the world of this funny and endearing little zebra, children learn to recognize and write capital letters. Fun and entertaining, the application provides a simple method that has been tested with success: 
 each letter of the alphabet is first associated with an image: A for ant, B for balloon... The application also offers three learning games:
- A sound-picture book
- "Create your words": a game to play with your children. They form words by dragging the letters of their choice onto a board.
- The "sound box": 4 pictures are presented to the child. He must associate them with the corresponding words, and sort these words according to their first letter, for example: words beginning with "A" in the red box, words starting with "E" in the blue box.
In the main menu, you can change the langage to english or to french. All sounds and texts are translated.